Forget a relationship. Make it a partnrship.


At PARTNR HAUS, we don’t just create any work environment. Sure, we know all the latest trends in workplace design, but we also know not every trend will fit every client. We’re dedicated to creating the right workspace for you.

We take a unique approach to servicing our clients. We’re there for the whole nine yards. Our principals believe in delivering Day 2 service, focusing on building “partnrships”, not just spaces.



Kelli DelarosA



Becky Peters



Our Story

Becky and Kelli met through the industry taking separate paths down the contract furniture road. After gaining decades of experience, they each began to notice a lag in strong client relationships at a dealership level. Becky and Kelli teamed up to build a company founded on customer focus where all staff is equally engaged in the partnrship. The team prefers a personal approach and client relationships to last beyond the project completion date.

Their combination of industry experience is well-rounded—including both manufacturer and dealership—offering a superior value to customers. This is the beginning of PARTNR HAUS, bringing service and satisfaction back in a big way.